Carmen Rosa Garcia



 Carmen Rosa Garcia


Inspired by textures that I find in the nature, my proposal is within our workshop opens, a new approach to work in which I start to create ideas and make my own molds, opening up a broad space for research, experimentation and creativity that does not end but begins with this project and in the mood to keep on growing.

First print in paraffin wax textures, which compiled of everyday objects to then design and build, candles, fanales, lamps and other decorative objects in wax along with a new technique of work that I am developing in the workshop.

The result of the first work, and with the occasion of the exhibition presented lamps, fanales with lighting, candles rolled with texture silent and three vases with texture on its surface of smooth rocks, quiet, and mosaics small.

I choose on this occasion, neutral colors that can be incorporated easily into the decor of any space. .

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