Claudia Kurzweil

Claudia Kurzweil

claudia kurzweilClaudia Kurzweil


Iron patinated, acrylic, paper

Fascination paper. Transparency, dim light and a subtle delicacy. Play with the volume and geometry. This teaches us an ancient eastern technique from ancient China and led to an equally high level of perfection in Japan.

And from there the humble attempt to translate this fragility in the bodies of role, baring his inner clarity. Unfolding light, wearing folds.

Game pieces, playing with shapes. An invitation to participate in this game gives us this light object. We discovered her secrets....

Special thanks to Midori Goto for having me started on this fascinating technique to shape the paper.


Iron patinated, tracing paper

La idea inicial de este proyecto está inspirada en el contenido de mi trabajo como joyera. Dentro del diseño y la elaboración de joyas contemporáneas está la constante búsqueda de nuevos materiales, texturas y sus composiciones.

Light, not only as a lighting device in the practical sense, but as an important element to decorate and decorate a space.

Materials contradictory and surprising in its composition, forming a contrast, have led to an idea to combine heavy metal with the lightness of the paper.

The desire not to impose a design made and rigid, are invited to play with the object, to design a piece of their own, adapted to space, taste and the mood of the moment of its creation.

Thus, an interactive object, decorative and fun has been the intention of this work.

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