Inmaculada Martín

Inmaculada Martín

Inmaculada Martín Inmaculada Martín


My third dimension is calling you to look at, to touch, to discover my real essence. Where you look and you don't see what your brain understands.

The work of this element allows your space to be different. That can be modular in any dimension. That is to work from a different perspective and that the molds are not rigid.

The adaptation of the module simple in the dimension that we want, on the wall, the floor, our imagination allows us to play in a very clear way with this small module that finds the most dynamic in the repetition of the same in all directions, leaving our discretion your growth.



My appearance vegetable, my natural conscience leads you to attempt to change my life, light up my essence.

I represent what you will see; I am... a tree, I am... a mushroom, I am... the way I want.

My head and my foot will leave you to imagine and walk next to me. Taking the reality of a bright light that leaves you the freedom to illuminate what your mind wants.

As a lamp of organic represent nature, provides my light and feeds my air.



I look to the east, the red sun guides me.

The imagination and what “cool” lead me to contain the creativity of a world of play and of dreams.

I represent that which we associate immediately with the eastern countries: their food. I invite you to give it a bite at my creations.

And I get what they have given us: their games, their culture, their technology, their way of looking at the world.

My appearance allows me to get to you a few ideas that I get only in my appearance, which you already have in your interior as a part of their culture “kawaii”, and even in the cartoon that accompanied your childhood and fill your maturity.


The old and the new blend, the old gives his support, his knowledge, his history and experience to the new.

The new, representing the creation, the transgression and the accomplishment of new goals that take momentum on a solid foundation and affectionate.

The games of colors helps to create the feeling of care, soft comfort in the moment to think sit down. And also the passion that you put in the time to start something new, supported this element of mixing and blending that reminds you of childhood in the lap of maternal and adolescent who discovers the passion of life and the reality of things.

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