Accompanying program to the Enterprise Artisan

Since the Area of Economic Development of the Island Council of Tenerife, within the Plan of the Island of the Undertaking of the Corporation of the Island, it is working, by the impulse of the craft in our Island. As a further step in supporting the industry, will open soon-the deadline to apply for participation in the An Accompanying programme to the Entrepreneurship Craft – MicroArt, whose main goal is to empower the artisans of tools to drive their business projects.

With this Program aims to facilitate the craftsmen tools to understand your customers, define your costs and set prices for their products, among other aspects. In short, the aim is to encourage artisans to expand the possibilities of improving their economic performance.

This project will be developed in different phases. A previous phase which will consist of technical advice for the implementation and consolidation of the craft. Those artisans who have a business model and meet the objectives set out in this phase, you will be able to access the analysis phase.

Once the crafter has defined the way in which to structure your business, the technical Program will perform a diagnosis of your craft, the result of which will be given to the artisan in writing. The report will contain a series of recommendations for the improvement of their business model.

The participants will be able to request their inclusion in the training actions for the improvement of business management, and tutoring for the implementation of improvements in its business model.


  • To encourage the creation of companies artisans.
  • Support the artisans in the definition and/or improvement of their business models.
  • Enhance aspects related to marketing, the market, the promotion and control of costs handmade.
  • Encourage innovation in the craft sector.
  • Contribute to the improvement of the economic performance of the artisans of Tenerife.

What is it?

  • Accompaniment (technical Advice, analysis of business models and tutoring).
  • Actions training for the improvement of the activity.

What are the selection criteria of the program MICROART?

Information in the DATABASES

How to participate?

Artisans interested in being part of this program must submit the application

For more information:

Welcome to the official Website of craftsmanship of the Cabildo of Tenerife.


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