Miguel Granados

Miguel Granados Workshop II. Artesanía de Tenerife

Miguel Granados Workshop II. Artesanía de Tenerife

Miguel Granados


This line was born from the need to create a type of shelf that allows you to interact with the person with their furniture, creating forms and organic or just to distribute the spaces of the free and creative, as being their shelves scrollable, allows you to "play" with these in different lengths and without conditions, as usually does not happen in shelves, traditional, where it is only possible to raise or lower a shelf modifying the spaces but always conditioned by the side.

The material used, it is the plate, marine, material that provides the beauty of natural wood, plus I wanted to let the songs seen, so that you can appreciate the richness of the textures that are within the sheet.

The main idea of this project has been to create a module, that both can be used in the home as a decorative element or in commercial establishments, as it offers the possibility to combine it in a lot of positions or alternate with different sizes.




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