Milagros Santana

Milagros Santana. Workshop II. Artesanía de Tenerife

Milagros Santana. Workshop II. Artesanía de Tenerife Milagros Santana


The essence of this project is based on the beads that were used in our Culture Canaria by aboriginal people; the “string of beads” hence the first part that defines the project, “account”

Technique in a traditional craft and culturar, a knowing that I wanted to reflect both the execution of the same, 100% hand-and as in material, 100% of the Canary islands. So each piece is done manually, each unique in its essence and with a historical content, both in the idea, as in the execution of the same .And so, to keep the living identity of our People of the Canary islands, a new product.

The project itself features a touch of design, in any of its forms, in order to adapt the past to the present,in today's homes, both for the island as possible export.

All the pieces are functional and decorative, they go in boxes of four accounts and each one has a different function. “Count on you”, makes reference to the fact that each one is going to ride a easy way and very practical, hence the “with you”. The assembly and use, which can have between if these objects are created with the purpose is to notify the customer of creativity.



This project is the beginning of a line of Lamps based on the role and the light, hence its name.

Lamps are practical and easy to install. Its function is to give light and color to any kind of environment, with textured exterior and interior, which attracts to be touched.

Created in addition to be lamps modelables, the user will be up to the participant to give the shape and color, which creates convenient at all times.

“The role of Light”, brings together the qualities to be the designers of lamps practices, easy to build and originality, to create us, manually easily.

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