International Museum day, 18 may.

The Museum of Latin American Crafts of Tenerife (MAIT), which depends on the Area of socio-economic Development, Employment and external Action of the Cabildo of Tenerife will reopen its doors this Monday, may 18, coinciding with the celebration of International Museum Day, and after the break of two months produced by the confinement due to the global pandemic of the Coivd-19.

“MAIT picks up the activity, always in accordance with the protocols established safety, to offer to the citizens of the island its cultural and anthropological. The museum, which is located in La Orotava, will launch this Monday, opening the door to virtual, an online business that allows you to go through all the rooms and learn about the treasures and the custody of the Museum, highlighting great pieces, which are unique, made with love, with a refined technique and a lot of imagination,” said the councillor for the area, Carmen Luz Glass.

In line with other centres museum of the island, the MAIT reopens, in schedule 10 to 15 hours from Monday to Friday, with the limitation of capacity to one-third of the usual capacity and without cultural activities in its interior, its facilities after the current authorization for the phase 1 of the desescalada. The visit to the centre will be carried out individually or in groups, and always keep the safety distance of interpersonal two meters.

“We are in a Museum that shows those craft pieces that had a use, that were essential to life, many of which are today in the process of disappearing or missing since forever. Their pieces are unique and of great cultural value that are part of our past, present and future, and we invite the population to be able to enjoy the same,” said Carmen Light Base.

In parallel, the same Monday it will provide three traditional crafts: the traditional pottery, the rosette and the dimensions of the past, through the social networks of the museum with the proposal “Remembering our grandfathers and grandmothers”. It is small pills video which shows the history and technique of each and their influence on society.

To the couple and coinciding with the International Day of Museums [may 18]; it will invite people to send us photos of artisan pieces of their grandfathers and grandmothers that are in the house; commenting on what was used before, and for what to use it now.

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