Pedro Luis Martín

Pedro Luis Martín. Workshop II. Artesanía de TenerifePedro Luis Martín



The model chosen for my project is based on the games of a lifetime, choosing the design of the block as piece modular game that has transcended time, without resorting to batteries or electrical outlets, which allows you to modify, create, play and produce different models of sails, already being a single piece a candle in itself, and the different parts allow you to modify the design by the client.

We have created three different measures within the same theme, which allow you to create, not just structures, if not carrying candles that between them make up for any external requirement.

The chosen colors are white, black, orange, blue, and green, allowing you to create elegant with the black-and-white, and others more cheerful and informal, with the rest of the colours.

Referring to the project with the name ‘Candle Block’.



In the packging, it sought not only to be a container of the product, but which had a window that would display your interior, the design and colours of the piece.

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