Tenerife Award 2019

CONVOCATORIA Premio Tenerife 2019

The Cabildo de Tenerife, calls for a further year the Award Tenerife to the Promotion and Research of the Craftsmanship of Spain and America 2019, a line of action aiming to promote the research activity in the sector and to increase the resources available, to the couple that you support all the activity related to the craft work. The call for papers for this year and the bases were recently approved by the governing Council of the island.

The vice president of socio-economic, Efraín Medina, noted that, “for the Council to support the craft sector is one of its priorities, as well as has been proven over the last few years through the various actions initiated in this area.” He insisted on the high quality of craftsmanship on the Island, reason that has made us worthy to hold a National Award in this sector.” 

“Our goal is to continue this path, and this is why we bet on the convening of this award, with the aim of promoting new work researchers in a sector that is part of our sense of identity, always having as a goal to promote, disseminate and protect our legacy,” she said.

Bases Prize Tenerife 2019

The jobs that you choose this award, which will have a prize money of 6.578,95 euros, must try craft and folk art from Spain, Portugal and all the countries of Spanish-speaking and Portuguese, contemplating any one of its multiple aspects, such as research, recovery of handicrafts missing or in danger of extinction, promotion, marketing or other aspects that affect the sector.

The works must be original, not published or awarded in other contests, or presented in previous editions. So, there will be a result of studies or their own research of the person or persons who declare themselves the authors and may not be the result of an update or adaptation of an earlier work of the same or other persons. The appointed jury to select the winner will take into account, among other indicators, the originality of the research, the topic chosen, the development of the document and the presentation.

In the last edition, the Prize Tenerife to the Promotion and Research of the Craftsmanship of Spain and America, fell in Francis Javier Martínez González for his work ‘Claim Cultural Legacy of the violeros, lauderos and guitarreos. A common heritage to Spain, Portugal and Latin america’. Research winner presents the finding of the huge interest of the violería in Spain, Portugal and Latin america and claimed such interest, such as heritage crafts intangible at risk of disappearing.

Prize money

The prize is endowed with 6.578.95 €taxes included. The Cabildo of Tenerife credited to the account of the award-winning the corresponding amount as a withholding TAX. Also, it will be delivered to the winner of parchment and a commemorative medal.

Term and delivery

The deadline for their delivery remains open until 31 July 2019. 

The Award Tenerife to the Promotion and Research of the Craftsmanship of Spain and America 2019 will be delivered on the Island of Tenerife in a public ceremony.

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