Rubén Expósito

Rubén ExpósitoRubén Expósito


This decorative piece is part of the repetition of a basic form of line moderna, a prism, of three different sizes. When you combine them, you can create compositions completely different, to create a big bunch of various heights with a few wild flowers. Each module has multiple sockets that allow you to connect them in various ways, creating compositions, various whenever you want. It is therefore a decorative piece a very singular that, in addition to being used as a vase, it can serve as a candlestick, or even the two options at the same time, allowing you to unleash your imagination to create a warm and romantic.


“Eclipse” is a work able to create an intimate environment at the same time modern. This mirror is 45 inches in diameter features an led strip on its back, creating a halo of light around and giving the feeling of a lunar eclipse, as its name indicates. In its turn, is framed in a circle of 70 centimeters in diameter not concentric to him, thus leaving a free space in the shape of the moon in waning. Such a framework is composed of several layers of corrugated cardboard, which allow a small leakage of light around you that bathes the wall.

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