Sandra Herrera

Sandra Herrera

Sandra HerreraSandra Herrera


Handbag shoulder bag is created for ipad, made in the skin of cattle, it has two pockets which are perfect for the charger and the iphone, or mobile phone as well as a department for notebooks, books and other totally padded for the ipad to be sufficiently protected.


Flexible lamp ambient light led made in leather of cattle with ollados silver.

Its flexibility allows you to give different forms, both turning it into a wall lamp or ceiling.

In the morning is an item purely decorative, but by night to brighten it transforms the environment by projecting the light around it creating a halo of shadows that invite the imagination.



Lamp is functional made in the skin of cattle, treated on the inside with glue and paint to provide a lightweight stiffness and create contrast.

Simple design, with contrasting effects, shadows and projections

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