SENSIH . Workshop II. Artesanía de TenerifeSensih


“The habits of use and throw should be extended to the conscience that nothing disappears, everything is transformed”.

Based on this philosophy and the history that enclose the objects used, I propose that literally them to transmit messages.

In the search of the material that is best suited to the language that I want to convey, stir among the trash and treasures that this hides: papers, tins, etc. to meet my material, the cd.

This work was born as a necessity to convey a story of being the support of a new language which evokes emotions and reflections. The lamp invites us to interact, to enter your privacy and discover their secrets.

The great possibilities that gives me the material enfold me, I embrujan, make me look for the magic between lights, shadows and colors.



The aesthetics of the material I am invited to work in small formats. The set of images that I provide the same cd's illustrate the messages. I am looking for a language of complicity between persons who are related to the parts, whether they are emotions and reflections.

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