1ª edición del curso «Workshop. Innovación del sector artesanal»


The course «Workshop. Innovación en el sector artesanal» es un proyecto organizado por el Cabildo Insular e impartido por el Estudio Ochoa y Díaz Llanos, con el fin de aportar nuevas herramientas creativas y métodos de trabajo para la elaboración de productos artesanos innovadores y competitivos. Poniendo el énfasis en la parte práctica, han sido 13 los artesanos seleccionados que han participantes en esta primera edición.

The exhibition of work resulting it took place on the 7 al 14 de junio in the Room Bronzo of The Lagoon.

Carmen M. Jiménez Álvarez

Speciality: Furniture Restoration


In the La Restauradora workshop, located in La Laguna, we are dedicated to the craftsmanship of restoring antique furniture. Within this trade, few innovations can be made since we deal with the conservation of historical and cultural assets.

But in the workshop we have also been developing recycling projects for some time using furniture and waste materials, giving them a new use and thereby contributing our "grain of sand" in the conservation of the environment. Participating in the WORKSHOP course has been a challenge for the workshop since we have been able to give this recycling project an entity with the creation of new products, a new brand (THE GREEN DOG Project) linked to the main one and a packaging that allow it to be marketed.

Our proposal was to first make VERTICAL MODULES and later also LAMPS based on the recovery and recycling of fruit and vegetable boxes. Our goal was to create products aimed at a young public aware of environmental conservation. All the pieces are made with recycled material, the only material added is that of the assembly and the electrical one.

Buenaventura Alemán Gutiérrez

Souvenir Canario

Souvenir that is also a small candle lamp, inspired by details of Canarian architecture, both from facade images recreated in the piece with acid etching techniques, and with geometric structures based on the geometric patterns of the hydraulic floors used historically in Canarian domestic architecture, captured through cut elements in the plate that are amplified by the shadows generated by the candle.

Lamp «Luz de Luna»

Ambient light lamp

David Sánchez León

Speciality: Luthier
From paper to object

Speech; The Luthier has taken special care in the design of the instrument, taking into account the construction of the different elements with the aim of achieving a balanced sound and a clean and smooth execution.

Especially suitable for beginners, it meets each and every one of the requirements that a new bass player needs. This project has a global design that includes not only the technical part but also the commercial part, providing new tools for its dissemination and marketing.

Pastillas; Pasivas Harley Benton.
Cuerpo: maple americano.
Brazo: Arce.
Cubrepastillas: Olivo.
Herrajes; Harley Benton.
Acabado: Vintage.
Barniz: Poliuretano Mate.
Tiro de cuerda: escala larga.
Materiales: Maple, arce, olivo.

Gonzalo Martín Suárez

Speciality: Ceramics
Modular set / Lamp / Crockery

Modular set: This piece is inspired by the game of tetris. The material that has been used is a vitrified ceramic paste fired in a reducing atmosphere. The process of its elaboration is complex since the angles that the pieces present make the task difficult.

It works by combining manual and mechanical techniques. This is a piece that has great versatility in its functions and can be used as: a container for succulent plants and cacti, kitchen utensils, aromatic herbs, office supplies, etc.

Lamp: Built with different ceramic pastes to which different products have been added to give it that appearance and texture of volcanic stone. It has been made using plaster molds in its initial form and then manually molding the rest of the piece. This lamp recalls volcanic landscapes giving an interesting play of light.

Crockery: These pieces are inspired by the natural and soft shapes and lines that we find in nature.

The material that has been used is a red paste enameled in white and fired until it reaches the point of vitrification of the paste in a reducing atmosphere.

The process used is a combination of techniques that range from turning to mold work. This line of pieces aims to give a different air to new gastronomic creations, with its smooth and harmonious lines.

Nancy Gorrín Hernández

Speciality: Soap making
Packaging / Container for the product

Packaging: The labels are the main impersonal contact with the customer, since they are the ones that will tell us about the product and the brand, when there is no personal salesperson to explain it to them.

At this time, product labeling lacks visual uniformity, causing an identifying chaos.

The purpose of creating a label is to identify the soap that the customer is going to buy and at the same time identify our brand.

Container for the product: The container has been made as a complement to the soaps, to give comfort to the use of the product, making the use of a soap dish.

Miguel Ángel Hernández Pérez

Speciality: Carpentry / Traditional carpentry / Woodturning

Lamp Rings / Signage

Lamp rings: In this project, a lamp is made that allows conditioning a space (corner, room or any other place that requires a warm and indirect light). It consists of a series of rings joined vertically by means of an axis that, like a hinge, allows shape and increases or decreases the light that escapes between them.

Signage: With this project we have tried to provide an elegant solution to the places that are marked without the proper visibility to be an indication, as an example we have proposed a signage of toilets + ladies and gentlemen, we have introduced a light so that even in stand out at night and can be seen effortlessly.

José Pedro Yáñez García

Speciality: Miniatures
Tactile candle holder / Bicivela

Tactile candle holder: Product in kit format, with a pleasant touch, to be assembled by the user for entertainment and as a decorative element: candle holder with a wooden base where wooden rods and a brass sheet are placed, with the candle in the center.

Bicivela: Game of contrasts between classic forms (candle holders, bike) and modern ones (presentation, treatments, packaging): candle holder in the shape of a tablet engraved with a classic bike silhouette on whose wheels the candles are housed.

Ainhoa Lafuente Cirauqui

Speciality: Felt
Packaging Woolies / Balance Vase / Woolight Lamp

Packaging Woolies: Thematic packs of soaps covered in felted wool.

Experimenting with different sizes and textures, we offer our Woolies Soap in a new format full of character, symbolism and meaning.

Balance Vase: Reversing the classic role, the container itself is what is shown: the vase is the flower.

The balance and weight of the BALANCE vase make it possible to play the game of resting it in different positions. A decorative, mobile and adaptable object, with a soft texture and organic shapes. Each vase is a unique piece.

Woolight lamp: Unique and exclusive piece in which technical experimentation has managed, with a flexible material such as wool, to create a compact and functional object. The translucent property of wool manages to create light textures.

Its spherical shape, texture, design and size give this object an organic appearance, inspired by nature as organisms with their own light.

Isabel Hernández Pérez

Speciality: Crochet
Crochet lamps
These pieces combine the ancestral of crochet with the practicality of a lamp that we never lack at home, it will always matter what type of decoration we like, a lamp will find a corner to stay.

These original lampshades have been created with the typical crochet technique and a hardened resin that allows them to maintain their shape, accompanied by color and harmony, turning what was today a simple old lamp base into a majestic work that delights the view and the corners.

Not only does the creation process stop at the weaving mill, in some cases we add a color technique that makes the piece more interesting, each piece has been made taking care of the smallest detail of measurements and proportion of balance between the creation of the screen and the support that maintains it, which makes it perfectly concrete and solid. And to conclude, although this is understood, we always like to remember that they have been made with effort, affection, the fruit of a work full of passion, of an artisan who proudly hopes you enjoy her work.

Vanesa Tornos Rodríguez

Speciality: Leather goods
Vertex Lamp


Decorative lamp, made of goat skin and lined with brocade. With an ulnar shape, the lamp is made up of four square panels of raspberry-colored sheepskin, 45 x 30 cm, which make up the faces of the cube. In turn, each face or panel has two zippers, placed diagonally, which when opened reveal the interior of the lamp.

The internal structure that supports it is made up of two steel rods, placed crosswise and joined at the center. At the tip of each rod, the vertices of the cube are hung.

The bulb, placed at the point of union of the rods, is of low consumption. The light is projected above and below. In addition, lighting could be increased by opening the zippers placed on the sides of the cube, giving more light to the space.

Finally, it should be noted that the zipper system not only allows you to play with the lighting of the lamp, but also with its shape. The eight zippers integrated in the lamp, allow multiple combinations in their positions (all open; or, only four; only those in the lower part….). Each of these combinations will give rise to a different shape of the cube and therefore of the lamp.

Pilar González Concepción

Speciality: Ceramics
Nature offers us an innumerable repertoire of themes that are very useful when designing.

In this case I focus on the wood, the old rings of the trees, and I try to exploit the visual force that they transmit.

These pieces are conceived as decorative elements as well as useful. The pieces themselves are the decorative element, which when combined with small metal accessories, become utilitarian.

Juan Gil Melián

Speciality: Jewelry
Hoop ring / Silver and ebony ring / Jewelry display

Hoop ring: This work is the result of the creation of some silver rings that I have called "Argollinas". The idea of ​​creating the ring came from a drawing of my daughter on which I was inspired to make the design and its name comes from the mixture between the words ring and hen. On this occasion I wanted to move away from the design that attends only to elements of form, structure and proportion, looking for a more casual line, as can be seen in the details that represent a hen such as the beak, the crest, the legs and the eyes that can be silver or personalized with a semi-precious stone.

To make the presentation of the rings more attractive, the idea arose of presenting them in a display that would recreate in a fun way the environment of a corral that I have made using recycled materials. Jewelry Exhibitor.

Silver and ebony ring: This work is based on the idea of ​​creating a jewel that would serve as a standard to show my design and creative skills. In this case I have created a ring that has an uncompromising design, in which the exposure of my creative side and my artistic abilities have prevailed over functionality itself.

The use of ebony in the making of the ring stems from a visit I made to the Rafael Saigí workshop. Rafael is a master craftsman in the creation of woodturning. On that visit he showed me a piece of stacked ebony discs that at that very moment inspired me to create this ring, on the one hand because of the idea of ​​merging his artistic talent with mine and on the other hand because I appreciated the visual connection that provides the union of two noble materials

como la plata y el ébano en la creación de una obra artística.

Jewelry display: This modular jewelry display was made based on the idea of ​​how to display my products in a more attractive way.

From the beginning of the development of the idea, I have intended that this exhibitor serve as a standard to show my works in an elegant way and at the same time differentiate itself from other creations, with the objective of establishing a brand image, that is to say that the exhibitor itself be part of my collection by adding beauty to the exhibition space and being attractive to the viewer, so that they identify and associate my products with my brand just by taking a look at the exhibition space.

It should be noted that when conceiving the exhibitor, modularity has been taken into account as a relevant characteristic, since it is not only modular in itself with the pieces that compose it, but also allows perfect coupling with other exhibitors of the same. characteristics.

Isora Alfareras

Speciality: Pottery
Modular Container / Lamp

Modular container: Multifunctional modular container and lamp, made with Canarian clay, but in these specific pieces, the work technique has been changed, instead of warping (traditional way of working clay) it has been made with plates.

Both pieces have been cooked in a wood oven, at a temperature of 750ºC and later smoked.

Container: as a multifunctional piece, it can be used both as a tabletop piece and to hang on the wall. Being also possible, its use as a lamp. The decoration, with incisions, is reminiscent of traditional Canarian pottery.

Lamp: Very austere piece, reminiscent of oil lamps or carbides that were used in other times.

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