2ª edición del curso «Workshop. Innovación en el sector artesanal»


The course “Workshop. Innovation in the craft sector” it is a project organized by the Cabildo Insular and taught by the Study Ochoa and Díaz Llanos, in order to provide new creative tools and working methods for the preparation of handmade products with innovative and competitive. Putting the emphasis on the practical part, have been 13 selected artisans who have been participants in this second edition.

  • To provide the craftsman canary, through product design, new creative tools and productive, you can deploy within your activity.
  • To increase their competitiveness as well as to innovate in their field of creation with new products differentiators within the craft.
  • To revalue the work craftsman front of other mass-produced goods
  • Recovery and building trades craftsmen at risk of disappearing.
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship
  • Development of designs to be true during the days
  • Final exhibition with the works


The course will consist of six modules, which will include lectures on the design of the product, methodology of a project, new technologies, design of packaging and product presentation; as well as practical classes where each of the artisans participants will develop their own design projects, both in the classroom and in their respective workshops taking as a conclusion, the final presentation of each of the works in a group exhibition.

Number of participants

Because the project aims to ensure the closeness and the good work between the artisan and monitor, both during lectures and in tutorials to develop in each workshop, it is considered appropriate that the course form a group of no more than 15 students, whose prerequisite is the possession of the card artisan in force, issued by the Cabildo of Tenerife.

Selection of participants: will Be conducted by the department of Employment, Economic Development, Trade and External Action in under a public call made to the effect, prioritizing the requests that had remained as a reserve in the first call of this formative action

The exhibition of work resulting it took place on the 14 to 25 November in the Room Bronzo of The Lagoon.


Lamp CD

“The habits of use and throw should be extended to the conscience that nothing disappears, everything is transformed”.

Based on this philosophy and the history that enclose the objects used, I propose that literally them to transmit messages.

In the search of the material that is best suited to the language that I want to convey, stir among the trash and treasures that this hides: papers, tins, etc. to meet my material, the cd.

This work was born as a necessity to convey a story of being the support of a new language which evokes emotions and reflections. The lamp invites us to interact, to enter your privacy and discover their secrets.

The great possibilities that gives me the material enfold me, I embrujan, make me look for the magic between lights, shadows and colors.

Jewellery CD

The aesthetics of the material I am invited to work in small formats. The set of images that I provide the same cd's illustrate the messages. I am looking for a language of complicity between persons who are related to the parts, whether they are emotions and reflections.

The aesthetics of the material I am invited to work in small formats. The set of images that I provide the same cd's illustrate the messages. I am looking for a language of complicity between persons who are related to the parts, whether they are emotions and reflections.

Sandra Herrera


Handbag shoulder bag is created for ipad, made in the skin of cattle, it has two pockets which are perfect for the charger and the iphone, or mobile phone as well as a department for notebooks, books and other totally padded for the ipad to be sufficiently protected.

Lamp Metal Leather

Flexible lamp ambient light led made in leather of cattle with ollados silver.

Its flexibility allows you to give different forms, both turning it into a wall lamp or ceiling.

In the morning is an item purely decorative, but by night to brighten it transforms the environment by projecting the light around it creating a halo of shadows that invite the imagination.


Lamp is functional made in the skin of cattle, treated on the inside with glue and paint to provide a lightweight stiffness and create contrast.

Simple design, with contrasting effects, shadows and projections

Rubén Expósito


This decorative piece is part of the repetition of a basic form of line moderna, a prism, of three different sizes. When you combine them, you can create compositions completely different, to create a big bunch of various heights with a few wild flowers. Each module has multiple sockets that allow you to connect them in various ways, creating compositions, various whenever you want. It is therefore a decorative piece a very singular that, in addition to being used as a vase, it can serve as a candlestick, or even the two options at the same time, allowing you to unleash your imagination to create a warm and romantic.


“Eclipse” is a work able to create an intimate environment at the same time modern. This mirror is 45 inches in diameter features an led strip on its back, creating a halo of light around and giving the feeling of a lunar eclipse, as its name indicates. In its turn, is framed in a circle of 70 centimeters in diameter not concentric to him, thus leaving a free space in the shape of the moon in waning. Such a framework is composed of several layers of corrugated cardboard, which allow a small leakage of light around you that bathes the wall.

Pedro Luis Martín


The model chosen for my project is based on the games of a lifetime, choosing the design of the block as piece modular game that has transcended time, without resorting to batteries or electrical outlets, which allows you to modify, create, play and produce different models of sails, already being a single piece a candle in itself, and the different parts allow you to modify the design by the client.

We have created three different measures within the same theme, which allow you to create, not just structures, if not carrying candles that between them make up for any external requirement.

The chosen colors are white, black, orange, blue, and green, allowing you to create elegant with the black-and-white, and others more cheerful and informal, with the rest of the colours.

Referring to the project with the name ‘Candle Block’.


In the packging, it sought not only to be a container of the product, but which had a window that would display your interior, the design and colours of the piece.

Milagros Santana


The essence of this project is based on the beads that were used in our Culture Canaria by aboriginal people; the “string of beads” hence the first part that defines the project, “account”

Technique in a traditional craft and culturar, a knowing that I wanted to reflect both the execution of the same, 100% hand-and as in material, 100% of the Canary islands. So each piece is done manually, each unique in its essence and with a historical content, both in the idea, as in the execution of the same .And so, to keep the living identity of our People of the Canary islands, a new product.

The project itself features a touch of design, in any of its forms, in order to adapt the past to the present,in today's homes, both for the island as possible export.

All the pieces are functional and decorative, they go in boxes of four accounts and each one has a different function. “Count on you”, makes reference to the fact that each one is going to ride a easy way and very practical, hence the “with you”. The assembly and use, which can have between if these objects are created with the purpose is to notify the customer of creativity.


This project is the beginning of a line of Lamps based on the role and the light, hence its name.

Lamps are practical and easy to install. Its function is to give light and color to any kind of environment, with textured exterior and interior, which attracts to be touched.

Created in addition to be lamps modelables, the user will be up to the participant to give the shape and color, which creates convenient at all times.

“The role of Light”, brings together the qualities to be the designers of lamps practices, easy to build and originality, to create us, manually easily.

The aesthetics of the material I am invited to work in small formats. The set of images that I provide the same cd's illustrate the messages. I am looking for a language of complicity between persons who are related to the parts, whether they are emotions and reflections.

Juan Miguel Granados


This line was born from the need to create a type of shelf that allows you to interact with the person with their furniture, creating forms and organic or just to distribute the spaces of the free and creative, as being their shelves scrollable, allows you to "play" with these in different lengths and without conditions, as usually does not happen in shelves, traditional, where it is only possible to raise or lower a shelf modifying the spaces but always conditioned by the side.

The material used, it is the plate, marine, material that provides the beauty of natural wood, plus I wanted to let the songs seen, so that you can appreciate the richness of the textures that are within the sheet.

The main idea of this project has been to create a module, that both can be used in the home as a decorative element or in commercial establishments, as it offers the possibility to combine it in a lot of positions or alternate with different sizes.

Inmaculada Martín


My third dimension is calling you to look at, to touch, to discover my real essence. Where you look and you don't see what your brain understands.

The work of this element allows your space to be different. That can be modular in any dimension. That is to work from a different perspective and that the molds are not rigid.

The adaptation of the module simple in the dimension that we want, on the wall, the floor, our imagination allows us to play in a very clear way with this small module that finds the most dynamic in the repetition of the same in all directions, leaving our discretion your growth.


My appearance vegetable, my natural conscience leads you to attempt to change my life, light up my essence.

I represent what you will see; I am... a tree, I am... a mushroom, I am... the way I want.

My head and my foot will leave you to imagine and walk next to me. Taking the reality of a bright light that leaves you the freedom to illuminate what your mind wants.

As a lamp of organic represent nature, provides my light and feeds my air.


I look to the east, the red sun guides me.

The imagination and what “cool” lead me to contain the creativity of a world of play and of dreams.

I represent that which we associate immediately with the eastern countries: their food. I invite you to give it a bite at my creations.

And I get what they have given us: their games, their culture, their technology, their way of looking at the world.

My appearance allows me to get to you a few ideas that I get only in my appearance, which you already have in your interior as a part of their culture “kawaii”, and even in the cartoon that accompanied your childhood and fill your maturity.


The old and the new blend, the old gives his support, his knowledge, his history and experience to the new.

The new, representing the creation, the transgression and the accomplishment of new goals that take momentum on a solid foundation and affectionate.

The games of colors helps to create the feeling of care, soft comfort in the moment to think sit down. And also the passion that you put in the time to start something new, supported this element of mixing and blending that reminds you of childhood in the lap of maternal and adolescent who discovers the passion of life and the reality of things.

Gabriel Finamore


Looking for the natural forms of marine life, there is the project of these lamps are decorative, circular, tapered and asymmetric, for internal use, and in such, exclusive for led lamps.

They are made of a material warm and noble as it is the beech wood. This sample allows us to present three versions of different sizes and intensity of the light, made with a sheet of wood that has been:

Natural polished

Painted representing the dawn

Painted depicting a night sky.

Interact with nature, given that with the gentle breeze of an open window, swinging, making an attractive play of light, achieved by the three attachment points.

Hope Table


“A flat surface, long and short, vast and tiny, white at times and my hands, your hands always restless, up and down, always changing. A step back, and everything changed, because nothing was the same, but there it was, always changing. And he doesn't stop to grow, rotate, change color, and my hands, your hands always restless and ever-changing”.

This work is born of an inspiration fleeting in “my little great moments”. Born from a blank sheet to grow with the complicity of your hands. The versatility of a sheet of paper has made me imagine homely atmospheres, lights that change color and abstract figures that everything observed.

Modular composition of self-assembly made with 50 units of white paper DIN-A4 200 g with clamping of the elements with power locks nylon black-and-white.


Light blue: Lamp suspension of self-assembly made of polypropylene blue DIN-A4 with locks white nylon. The subjection to the roof is through naylon transparent independiante to the iluminaria.

Lápara mixed: Lamp suspension of self-assembly made of polypropylene DIN-A4 blue and fuchsia with locks white nylon. The subjection to the roof is through naylon transparent independiante to the iluminaria.

Lamp fuchsia snap: Lamp suspension of self-assembly made of polypropylene DIN-A4 fuchsia color and the incorporation of a DIN-A4 white paper 200 g textured with locks white nylon. The subjection to the roof is through naylon transparent independiante to the iluminaria.


Decorative element of self-assembly made of polypropylene translucent texture and white paper 200 grams ID-A3 with automatic locking nylon white.

Claudia Kurzweil


Iron patinated, acrylic, paper

Fascination paper. Transparency, dim light and a subtle delicacy. Play with the volume and geometry. This teaches us an ancient eastern technique from ancient China and led to an equally high level of perfection in Japan.

And from there the humble attempt to translate this fragility in the bodies of role, baring his inner clarity. Unfolding light, wearing folds.

Game pieces, playing with shapes. An invitation to participate in this game gives us this light object. We discovered her secrets....

Special thanks to Midori Goto for having me started on this fascinating technique to shape the paper.


Iron patinated, tracing paper

The initial idea of this project is inspired by the content of my work as a jewellery maker. Within the design and jewelry making contemporary is the constant search for new materials, textures and compositions.

Light, not only as a lighting device in the practical sense, but as an important element to decorate and decorate a space.

Materials contradictory and surprising in its composition, forming a contrast, have led to an idea to combine heavy metal with the lightness of the paper.

The desire not to impose a design made and rigid, are invited to play with the object, to design a piece of their own, adapted to space, taste and the mood of the moment of its creation.

Thus, an interactive object, decorative and fun has been the intention of this work.

The aesthetics of the material I am invited to work in small formats. The set of images that I provide the same cd's illustrate the messages. I am looking for a language of complicity between persons who are related to the parts, whether they are emotions and reflections.

Carmen Rosa Garcia


Inspired by textures that I find in the nature, my proposal is within our workshop opens, a new approach to work in which I start to create ideas and make my own molds, opening up a broad space for research, experimentation and creativity that does not end but begins with this project and in the mood to keep on growing.

First print in paraffin wax textures, which compiled of everyday objects to then design and build, candles, fanales, lamps and other decorative objects in wax along with a new technique of work that I am developing in the workshop.

The result of the first work, and with the occasion of the exhibition presented lamps, fanales with lighting, candles rolled with texture silent and three vases with texture on its surface of smooth rocks, quiet, and mosaics small.

I choose on this occasion, neutral colors that can be incorporated easily into the decor of any space. .

Agostina Santini


Stained glass window of 1,00 x 0,60 m built based on the idea of the application of a module. The piece mother is of 10 cm cut on a diagonal to form triangles. The colors used are three shades of turquoise blue, light blue, and dark blue since forming geometric figures, without end. Each triangle is surrounded by a copper tape and they are all united with a solder of tin, using the technique Tiffany more classical.

The profile of the stained glass window is in the lead and is registered on a ledge of wood profile per cubic. Behind it has a strip of led top and bottom in order to clarify the blue tones and to brighten up the profile.

The stained-glass window proposes to evoke the sea with its color and depth, the journey is now to the inside and the context pushes.


The pendant is composed of 13 pieces of glass modular triangular 2-x1.50 cm placed in order of six-four, two, one. The colors of this line are turquoise, light blue, dark blue.

Around each crystallite this a copper tape and soldering tin and silver. With metallic thread, above the glass simulating the waves .Each glass is in connection with others through little iron rings that make it flexible and crushed to any neckline. To finish the lap of the collo follows a chain of iron with a small rip.


Lamp mirror irregular shape of ellipse 40 x 60 cm made up of four levels of cut glass in the form of waves and of the cloud, two clear glass, one turquoise and a blue, tight behind them with glue for crystals of two components. The four levels are glued representing the sea and the sky above.

The mirror is illuminated gives three led strips , two on the inside, a low-glued to the glass cut to waves and another one above it, glued to the glass cut in the shape of a cloud. The light of the led goes to the glass and illuminates the cutting lines of the same creating an effect of light rows.

The third led strip is placed above the wooden support behind the mirror and creates an indirect light on the wall at the top.

A small paper boat, hardened with transparent varnish this position above the wave of the opaque glass to evoke the concept of travel. Lamp-mirror Sea is the first object of a dedicated line to the sea, their colors and their evocative power.

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