3rd edition of the course “Workshop. Innovation in the craft sector” (2014)

Economic vice president of the Cabildo Insular de Tenerife, Efraín Medina, recalled that, up until now, there have been three editions of the course to those who have been more than fifty artisans of Tenerife and, in a few weeks there will be a fourth installment. To the vice president of economics this workshop highlights the work that strives for excellence and that is achieved by innovating. “The craftsmanship is part of the economic development of our Island,” he said. 

The goal of these events is to innovate within their field of creating new products differentiating and revalue the work craftsman, compared to other mass-produced goods. In this way, we can recover and promote crafts in risk of disappearance and to encourage entrepreneurship. This action is framed within the general objectives of the Plan Insular de Artesanía with the aim of improving the competitiveness of the sector.

From the Chapter finds that the appeal boost sales. The good results obtained, as well as the acceptance on the part of the protagonists of creation craft on Tenerife invite you to the continuity of this measure because it will bring a greater number of craftsmen these skills and work their creative skills, technical and commercial. 

The artisans represent different modes: woodturning, blacksmithing, forging and metalwork, woodwork, woodworking, traditional, almazuelas, jewelry, jabonería, luthier, crochet, weaving, toy, paper and cardboard, ceramic, decoration fabrics, feather, enameller, cerería, recycling of materials and traditional costumes. 

The study design Ochoa and Díaz Llanos, made by the designers Alberto Ochoa and Ana Díaz-Llanos, has been working since 2002 in obtaining products functional and practical. It soon established itself as a reference company and avant-garde focused in the good industrial design, and strategic product, supported by a series of fundamental pillars: quality, seriousness, commitment, and innovation. 

In this way, Ochoa and Díaz-Llanos have been held for nearly a decade creating extremely useful, at the same time, aesthetic, practical, unique and unique, looking in each case, in each work, the best object to the needs of the client.

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