Regulations and resources

This law, as he picks up in its statement of reasons, has the following objectives:

  • To help in the conservation, modernization and restructuring of the handicraft sector in the Autonomous Community of the Canary islands.
  • To promote the creation and development of marketing channels appropriate for the traditional products of the Canary islands.
  • Document and retrieve the craft expressions typical of the Canary islands and to consolidate the maintenance of the existing ones.
  • To promote and encourage the training of artisans in the Autonomous Community of the Canary islands.
  • Improving the accessibility of the crafts sector to the lines of credit preferred or to the grants and aid that you can set up the Public Administration, as well as to promote the implementation of cooperative systems and associative. All this, from the view that the craft is not just an economic activity, but, above all, a fact cultural and social needs of a better economic framework for their conservation.
  • To encourage the creation of centres museum in each of the islands or regions to promote the conservation of the prototypes for its historical and artistic interest so deserving.

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